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Waggledance, Dance, Waggledance

26 Feb

These two old beehives stand in the grounds of the manor up the lane. I don’t know whose they are or how long they’ve been there, but they seem to be empty. I quite fancy myself as a beekeeper, and am half-tempted to ask if I may fill them with honeybees. Of course, I would need someone to tend them when I’m away or ill, and for some reason, Bunty is too fearful of stingy insects to do it. Any takers?

Fearful he may be, but also fond. Bunty once wrote this poem for me:


Bees the, the, the bees

Buzz around buzz-buzz me buzz on me

Tales telling Tintagel to of me

Quiet lie I here, under waiting

Betwixt watching and tasting

Waggledance, dance, waggledance, dance, waggledance

Dilly-dally dally-dilly-O

Tomorrow yet and yet tomorrow goes

Dilly-dally dally-dilly-O

Waggledance, dance, waggledance, dance, waggledance