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Bam! It’s Winter

11 Dec

This week, our season of mellow fruitfulness was replaced overnight by snowfalls, freezing fog and the excellently named Hurricane Bawbag.

View from the window last week

View from the window this week

I had end-of-semester exams this week, but had to put aside my revision in favour of frantic preparations to bring the guinea pigs indoors. This meant cleaning and reassembling an eight-storey tower block I built for them last year. It needed a lot of work – all the chickenwire and plastic sheeting that formed the walls had to be replaced, and the floors all needed scrubbing, as I hadn’t got round to doing this when I had put them into storage last Spring. Then I had to furnish the thing with wine-box hidey holes and photo-developing-tray beds full of hay, and water bottles and food bowls.

My insistence on Being Capable and doing everything myself inevitably backfired on my health, leaving me flopping around in bed like an ominously-groaning sealion. Bunty finished the job off for me. We left the hoovering for another day…

I had expected that the restricted space inside the tower would make the guinea pigs irritable and claustrophobic, but they have all settled in happily, and have remained quiet and contented.

Broccles (the rabbit) and Colin (the white one trying to break into the tower) did venture back out into the garden the following evening. They scuffed around in the snow for a bit, getting cold paws. Broccles’s motley look is because he’s been replacing his summer coat with his winter one. After twenty minutes, the pair scampered indoors and have spent the rest of the week getting chummy with the radiators.

Broccles did peek out of the back door as Hurricane Bawbag was gathering strength. It blew his ears all over the place, and he stamped his foot at it thoroughly and emphatically. That told it.

I hear the hurricane was more powerful than the one that caused all the chaos in New York recently. It’s not so noticeable in Scotland, though, blasted heath that it is. Nevertheless, someone has produced a song to mark the occasion. Those of you who are subscribed to me by email can (I hope) click here to see the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0wm3JD9MEk

For the rest of you: