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Bunty’s Got Worms

3 Apr

Every morning, Bunty wakes me up with a cup of tea and a kiss. This time, he woke me up with a big bag of worms. Here’s a handful of them.

They’re tiger worms – look at their stripes – and Bunty had ordered them through the post, along with a wormery to keep them in. It was very exciting. I was straight out of bed, cup of tea be damned, to watch him put his pets’ new home together. When he stopped to examine his instructions, Broccles inspected his progress.

Tha drainage layer and tap came next.

“For the worm juice”, explained Bunty. He is a horticulturalist at heart, and apparently worm juice is top-notch fodder for the vegetables he is growing in his greenhouse.

Above this, he added a storey full of compost, soil, wet newspaper, worm food and the lovely wriggly worms. On went the roof, et voila! Bunty is the proud father of a wormery.